The Photographer’s Guide to Acadia

The Photographer's Guide to Acadia ebook

The Photographer’s Guide to Acadia ebook

It’s been a while since I posted a new entry. But I’ve got a good excuse! I’ve been writing my first photography book for the last several months. My new ebook, The Photographer’s Guide to Acadia, is done and ready for downloading. Check it out at

Every year on my trips, I run into other photographers, amateur and professional, and get the same question every time- where should I got to find really great scenery? This book was written with them in mind. I’ve been traveling to Maine every Autumn for the last eight years and have amassed a considerable library of images. But I’ve also amassed a lot of information, like where to photograph when it’s raining, where to go on a sunny day, what lenses are best in Acadia, and how to get to the ‘hidden’ places no one else knows about. I’ve put all this and more into the book.

If you plan in visiting the national park, this is a great guide for photographers, and anyone else who wants to know how to find the best sights in Acadia. Even if you have no plans to visit Acadia, but you’re interested in landscape and nature photography, you can learn a lot by reading what goes through the mind of a professional photographer- composition, weather, camera setting, equipment used, etc.

Unlike a traditional printed book, the ebook has a lot of extra bonus features, like links to websites and Google Maps, to help you find locations easily and simply.

Visit to order a copy, or to download a free, 25-page pdf sample of the book. The book has been written for the iPad and other devices. Check the website for details.