Mike Hudson, 1991

The early days, 1991

Welcome to my new blog, The Adventures of Mike’s Camera, where you can check in to see what’s been in front of my lens. Here you can see recent photos, hear about upcoming projects, and look at published pictures, as well as read about what goes on behind the scenes and how I set up shots for some of my clients. I’ll be posting my commercial and fine art work here, and just to make it interesting, a little photography from my archives….  I’ll also be posting links to other photographers whose work you should be noticing.

More than that though, I’ll also be writing about new developments in the photo industry, what it means for us as photographers and those that hire us. I’ll be posting links to photographers who have changed the world of photography both in the past and today, and I’ll also be inviting you to add your comments to the mix.

As a visual person, I hope to keep the writing down to a minimum. So send me your feedback, and enjoy the show! And don’t forget to join me on Facebook for more pictures and discussion.


The Adventures of Mike’s Camera is the blog of freelance photographer, Mike Hudson. He is available for commercial photography assignments– marketing, corporate, editorial, annual reports, lifestyle, web page photography, and events. His clients have included many regional and national magazines and newspapers, several healthcare providers, colleges, hotels, architectural firms, small businesses and more. Visit MichaelHudsonPhotography.com to check out his portfolio or contact him via email.